The first exhibition of “Atelier Malvina”at the M&O | PARIS |

Photo Pierre Le Chatelier

Malvina, a visual artist and underwater painter, paints submerged in scuba diving gear. A graduate of Fine Arts (DNSEP) and a certified diving instructor (OWSI), she combines her skills to paint the underwater world which has been her favorite subject for over twenty years. Working at the bottom of the sea is the best way to visualize the effects of light in the water, Malvina descends into the depths to capture such subtleties. This work on the senses and memory is fundamental to her subsequent work in the workshop which is based on her underwater studies.

Malvina’s current project is to embellish places dedicated to the world of water (fresh or salt water) such as indoor swimming pools, thalassotherapy centers or large aquariums.

Malvina will be there to welcome you and answer your questions on the stand “Ateliers Malvina” (Malvina’s Workshops ), 
Hall 7 / D34, from 5 to 9 September 2014 

at the M&O|projects|show Paris Nord

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Photo Malvina 

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